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Tying Sashes on High Top Tables

We recently posted about the various styles you can use for High Top Tables. If you choose to go with tied sashes, here are the steps we suggest you follow: 1. Get someone to help you. 2. Put the linen on and check that the center point is in center of table (this saves time later). 3. Have your helper gather the cloth in against the center leg of table near the top. 4. Place the sash around the table top, keeping it as high as possible (very important). It's easy to slide it down later if too high, but impossible to pull up later. Pull the ends toward you to be sure they are same length. You may choose to keep the right tie up to 2” longer. Tie it like a shoe, right over left, and pull it t

Choosing Linens for Round Tables

While there are many sizes of tables, several are most common among event venues. Rectangular tables are usually 6ft or 8ft long. Round tables (for guests) are typically 60” (5ft) or 72” (6ft) round. All tables are 30” off the ground. Don't make the mistake of getting the TABLE size and the CLOTH size mixed up. To decide on a cloth size, you first need to decide if you want the linen to come to the floor or not. For example, if the cloth will go to the floor on a round 60” table, then the cloth size needs to be 30” for EACH side floor to tabletop PLUS the width of the table, thus 30” + 30” + 60” = 120 RD. Download our Linen Planning Guide to see a chart which will help you visualize this.

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