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Consider Chairs

When planning linens for an event, it is important to consider what impact your chairs will have on the overall look of the room. The chair color is a prominent part of the color scheme, albeit many times forgotten in the planning process. If you have white garden folding chairs and a white tent, for example, consider using a tan or champagne linen instead of white linen. Notice in the picture below how a different colored chair would have looked with the linens used. We do rent a variety of different style chair covers to our clients.

Panama for Fall

Our Panama Collection has beautiful colors for your Fall events. Upgrade from basic polyester by pairing a panama napkin with solid colored linens. The napkin has substance to it, it is not shiny, and it can work for weddings or non-wedding events. You compliment panama napkins with a tablecloths as well. Choose from one of many colors to design a beautiful palette for your meeting or celebration.

White Mesh Dots

As with all sheer linens, the underlay color completely transforms the look. These new “White Mesh Dots” (available in 90 Square size), look great over solids. Consider using White Mesh Dots are an elegant accent for your winter events, including holiday and Valentine’s Day parties.

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