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Choosing Linens for Rectangle Tables

While there are many sizes of tables that may need covered, there are several sizes that are most common in venues. For rectangle tables, the question of what size linens you need directly relates to whether you want half or floor length linens. If a half-length cloth is preferred, use a 60x120 cloth for either size; simply pleat the linen in the middle on the 6ft table. Floor length for a 6 ft rectangle table is 90x132, and for an 8 ft rectangle is 90x156. Some choose to use two 90-square linens and overlap them in the middle since many specialty items do not always come in every size and a 90-Square is the most common size. Overlays may be placed on the diagonal (points touching the floor)

Table Runners

The most typical way to use a runner is straight across the middle of a round table or down the center lengthwise of a rectangle table (often on a head table or buffet). Consider that when your guests are seated, they will not be able to see the lovely runner accents of a head table. Instead, consider placing two (or even three) runners front to back on a head or serving table. Or, on a round table, place them in a “plus-sign” pattern, using two instead of one. Another way to create a stunning table scape is to use TWO runners running the full length of an 8ft table. Since tabletops are 30” wide, and runners are typically 12” or 15” wide, placed together with the edges touching in the middle

Dressing High Top Tables

Linens for high top tables can either go straight to the floor, or a larger linen can be used and tied with a sash. High tops are 42” off the ground, so cloth size = (42x2)+diameter. If you plan to have the linen drape to the floor, usually a 120 RD linen is the right size. Occasionally a smaller table is used, in which case a 108 RD linen will work. If you plan to tie a high top linen with a sash (which is especially nice if table is outside where wind may blow it around), use one size larger, usually a 132 RD. Be sure to reserve a sash as well. Sashes come in many colors and fabrics, and can add a nice pop of color. An overlay can be added to either style. Still looking for an alternative?

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