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Tying Sashes on High Top Tables

We recently posted about the various styles you can use for High Top Tables. If you choose to go with tied sashes, here are the steps we suggest you follow:

1. Get someone to help you.

2. Put the linen on and check that the center point is in center of table (this saves time later).

3. Have your helper gather the cloth in against the center leg of table near the top.

4. Place the sash around the table top, keeping it as high as possible (very important). It's easy to slide it down later if too high, but impossible to pull up later. Pull the ends toward you to be sure they are same length. You may choose to keep the right tie up to 2” longer. Tie it like a shoe, right over left, and pull it tight, watching for when fabric is pulled in too far that the table feet will show. Stop tightening at that point. Be sure sash around table isn't rolled into a cord. Open it up a bit, if needed, so the width of sash shows.

5. If you are right-hand, form the right bow first. Then bring second tie over front, right side out. As second tie is brought up behind, flip it in the back to get right side out, for second bow on left.

6. Adjust the cloth gathers at floor to cover feet of table. Occasionally, the cloth may be tucked under one of the feet to hold it in place. The less tight you pull it in gives more fabric at end. Our preference is to keep the bow above the center.

7. Usually all bows are tied in same direction so they can be seen when entering room. Try to get all bows and tails about the same size and also same height on table. Still have questions? Ask about our delivery and installation options.

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