Caterer Information

Caterers and Banquet Halls alike may choose to offer a linen package with their services, or even include it in the price. We offer significant discounts to caterers for our in-house white, ivory, and black polyester linens as the “best buy.”


We also offer caterers discounted pricing on colored linens, and can provide swatch rings or swatch books when requested.

Because we offer both basic polyester linens OR upgraded fabrics for those special events, Express Laundry & Linens is your one-stop, full service provider for table linens.

A note on customer-owned goods: Some caterers prefer to own their tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers.  We can launder, press, and return your items for you according to your preference (on a hanger, folded, or even in your storage box).

Restaurants may need napkins and linens on a weekly basis.  Each restaurant’s needs are different. Please contact us to receive your free quote. Delivery and pick-up service is available.

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