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Dressing High Top Tables

Linens for high top tables can either go straight to the floor, or a larger linen can be used and tied with a sash. High tops are 42” off the ground, so cloth size = (42x2)+diameter.

If you plan to have the linen drape to the floor, usually a 120 RD linen is the right size. Occasionally a smaller table is used, in which case a 108 RD linen will work. If you plan to tie a high top linen with a sash (which is especially nice if table is outside where wind may blow it around), use one size larger, usually a 132 RD. Be sure to reserve a sash as well. Sashes come in many colors and fabrics, and can add a nice pop of color.

An overlay can be added to either style.

Still looking for an alternative?

Consider a spandex cloth, which gives a sleek, modern look. Spandex linens are especially nice for outdoor events, since they do not blow in the wind.

For fabric options, browse our collection.

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