*New* Fabrics

Top Right:

Left Column:

*Plumage: Pink Haven, Lavender, Sunset and Evergreen- Available in Table Runners and Overlays

*Black and Gold Sparkle Sheer Overlay

*Peach Zinnia Overlay (Also Available in Grey and White) 

*Black and Gold Skyfall Sheer Overlay

*Silver Karawave

*Black and Silver Allure

Right Column:

*Sarah: Orange, Brown, Fuchsia and Black and Red 

Available in Table Runners and Overlays

*Silver and Charcoal Sparkle Sheer Overlay

*Silver Lush Rose (Also Available in Blush and White)-

Available in Table Runners and Overlays

*Black Starlight Sheer Overlay

*Edgewater: Black/Red, Turquoise, Plum and Orange-

Available in Table Runners and Overlays

*Red and Champagne Allure

Center Row: 

*Green and Champagne Allure

These items have limited quantities and sizes- advanced ordering is recommended


Black and Gold Sparkle Swatch.jpg
Silver and Charcoal Sparkle 3.jpg
Peach Zinnia.jpg
Lush Rose.jpg
Black and Gold Skyfall Swatch 2.jpg
Black and Silver Starlight Swatch_edited
Silver Allure_edited.jpg
Green Allure.jpg
Red Allure Swatch_edited.jpg
Silver Karawave Swatch.jpg
Peach Zinnia.jpg
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